Maggot – a Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Novel

This novel is for “Young Adults” (YA)… especially great for kids entering their teens… but adults will enjoy it too.. No bad language, no sex (sorry lads!), but a lot of swordplay and blood. There are good times and bad, great failures and glorious triumphs. I would never dare to compare this story to the classic The Lord of the Rings… but I think you get the idea!



This 97000-word story covers the 21 years of my life from late 1992 to early 2014. It relates how, at the age of 40, I give up what little I have and dash off on a fool’s hope to Tanzania, to seek work with wildlife and find a life of adventure in Africa.
A chance meeting in Arusha flings me headlong into exactly the situation I sought; an anti-poaching security survey on behalf of the Rhino Conservation Project. What an incredible stroke of luck… and what an adventure this turns out to be!
Sadly, my involvement in the project is only of three months duration, and yet is a fantastic first footstep into Africa, following which, I move forwards into the world of wildlife safaris.
From the sunlit plains of the Serengeti to the snows of Kilimanjaro to the steaming jungles of the Congo, over the next ten years I slowly build up my skill-set as a Tour Leader and Mountain Guide and gain the experience required to take me from an unknown hopeful to a well-respected Safari Guide and accredited expert in the field.
The journey is a long and at times a difficult one, and at certain crossroads I have to result to drastic measures to continue, from running guns into Zaire to smuggling drugs in Spain.
This is a story of a life filled with polar extremes; triumphs and disappointments, dangerous incidents, extraordinary situations and amorous liaisons. It is written from the heart; grass roots, earthy and often humorous anecdotal tales of paradisiacal places, wonderful wildlife and crazy adventures… woven through with evocative travelogues and a layman’s perspective of two different cultures.
The target readership is anyone interested in true life adventure, wildlife, mountains, travel and culture and the struggle of an independent person to make a life in Africa, for all these things I came to experience.