Photos supporting “To Hear the Lion Roar”

My first safari - with Amango Tours

My first safari – with Amango Tours

On anti poaching survey, Rubondo Island

On anti poaching survey, Rubondo Island

My daughter, Ashleigh, 2013

My daughter, Ashleigh, 2013

Camel spider in the desert

On duty, asset protection, Tanzania 2004

Some of the original Corner Bar pals, now in Entebbe; Don McMillan, Bill and Santa Goodman, me (with dark glasses) Hellen. (taken at Entebbe Sailing Club)

Croc bike

Only in Africa!

Dead tank in South Sudan

Dead tank just outside Juba, in South Sudan

A Dragunov sniper rife, on carry bag

Ele enters river

Elephant entering river at Ishasha River Camp, Uganda

Ele approaches

Elephant crossing river; she notices me on this side

Ele sees me

Elephant surges towards me; we both start to panic!

Ele gets closer

Elephant gets closer, I decide to move.

Eles in Ishasha

We are now both calm!

Elgon summit

On Jackson’s Summit, Mount Elgon


Taking food for the lepers, Juba, South Sudan


On a camel trek with clients through the Avenue of Volcanoes, Tanzania

hanang summit

On the summit of Mount Hanang, Tanzania, 1995

Hellen and Ashleigh in kayak in Jinja, Uganda 2012

Hellen modelling gold

My wife, Hellen Ikang, modelling at the Serengeti Gold exhibition, New Africa Hotel, Dar es Salaam, 2002.

Hellen smile

Hellen “All me own teef!”

On a walking safari in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania, circa 2001

Photo c Craig Packer

2002 to 2004 in Tunduru district in the eastern borders of the Selous a scourge of a man-eating lion in which forty people were killed. The outbreak ended with the death of a three-year-old male lion the villagers had come to call Osama.

Photo c Craig Packer

So enamoured were they with these events, great banners (of the lion eating a man and then the death of the lion by gunfire) were painted and out on display in the village.

Me at ESC

Me at Entebbe Sailing Club, 2013

Me at river

Me at the river at El Kuran, Ethipoia 2013

Me outside my office tent

Me outside the “office”. El Kuran, Ethiopia, 2014


On safari with the photogenic clients, Uganda, 1997


Me at the “viewpoint”, Turkana, northern Kenya, 2012

RF Burton

Sir Richard Francis Burton

Rhinocerous beetle in Turkana

Rhinoceros beetle, Turkana

Sam 2013

Sam, Entebbe sailing club, 2013

Sam and Lion

Sam, and lion, Sam’s first safari

Sam and Paul Goldring with Sam's fish

Sam caught this fish; Paul Goldring lifted it out of the Nile river; Murchison Falls, Uganda, 2012

Sam at Murchison Falls

Sam at Murchison Falls

Sam at Murchison

Sam at Murchison Falls

Sam kayaking

Sam on the Nile, Jinja, Uganda

Scorpion in perspective

Scorpion in Turkana, northern Kenya (in perspective against matchstick).

Security group

Me and my team, asset protection, Dar es Salaam, 2004


At the start of a gorilla trek in Zaire (now DRC) with the photogenic clients, late 2006 or early 1997

Steve with Dragunov

Me, posing with a Dragunov sniper rifle, El Kuran, Ethiopia, January 2014.

Steve with Turkana at Kode Kode manyatta

With Turkana womenfol and children, at Kode Kode manyatta, Turkana, northern Kenya, 2012

Termite chimney in perspective

Termite chimney, Turkana, northern Kenya

The scorpion who stung me

Trapped scorpion


Tree-climbing lion, on the fig tree, Ishasha, Uganda

Trekking in forests of Ruwenzoris

Trekking in forests, lower Rwenzoris, 2013

Trekking in Ruwenzoris

Trekking in lower levels of the Rwenzoris, Uganda

Turkana girl

Young Turkana girl

Termite chimney in Turkana Turkana girl2

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